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RD SIGNS exclusively specializes in the production of visual advertisement. Company works in accordance with ISO9001 and Lean standards. In view of our welding works, we had introduced and work in accordance with LST EN 1090-1;1090-2; LST EN ISO 3834-2 standards. Our products are painted by powder or wet method. The products are prepared for painting in automatic ABBO line manufactured in Denmark, by applying Chemetall technological processes in compliance with the Qualicoat requirements. In RD Signs works over 80 highly qualified specialists.

Our company was established in 2004 as UAB Reklamos Diktatorius in Šiauliai city, Lithuania. Since 2004, UAB “Reklamos Diktatorius” has worked in the field of advertisement production and service. The Company has been implementing its activities throughout Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
This 2019 year UAB Reklamos Diktatorius changed the name to UAB RD Signs and move into the new premises with production and administration area of 6000m2.

We are cooperating with partners in Denmark, Norway, Germany, Austria, Belgium and other European Union and Schengen Area countries.

Production of outdoor advertising factory of the Company is established in Šiauliai city, Lithuania.

1750 m2 of production premises along with 1500 m2 of materials and ready production storage sites are located in 1,14ha area.

Exclusive specialization of the Company is the production of visual advertisement. Since all our attention is focused to a single field of advertisement, namely the production of visual advertisement, we offer the products of a high quality and operative service.

In the production process we use one of the most modern CNC centers currently existing in Lithuania, Mecapro. For illumination of advertising boards we apply the advanced LED systems. Printing in our Company is carried out with Mimaki UJV-160, JV 33 printers.

We have introduced and are constantly improving the automated model for order acceptance, production and supply management.

Taking into consideration requests of our customers, we have insured activities of the Company with the civil liability insurance which is in force in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.



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