Pylons, Totems, Billboards & Pole Signs. Outdoor advertising can be produced in many different ways.

A digital sign is a natural eye catcher, which is ideal for both just-in-time communication as well as planned communication such as campaigns  and corporate identity. Digital signage offers flexible and effective  exposure of messages and it not limited to just one message or one  communicative purpose.

Pylon types
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Illuminated pylons

Pylons are an environmentally friendly marketing method designed to deliver printed information and messages more efficiently, while guaranteeing a return on investment through advertising. Outdoor pylons support your brand representation and help people find their way before they enter your business or store. The various sizes and profiles make the pylons ideal for any industry and can be adapted to any type of building. The pylons are made of aluminum and/or steel, acrylic glass and are illuminated with energy-saving LED modules.

Non-illuminating pylons

The function of pylons is to inform and direct the user to the formed goal. Non-illuminated pylons are used in lighted areas where the pylons are clearly visible at any time of the day.

Pilonai RD signs, interjero sprendimai, light boxes, pylons, volumetric letters12
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