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Elevate your brand’s visibility around the clock with our Lightbox Signs. These signs are designed to operate seamlessly, showcasing captivating graphics and vibrant colors in the daylight. As the sun sets, they transform into powerful advertisements for your company, ensuring your message reaches potential customers no matter the time of day.

Whether your business is situated in the heart of a bustling city or nestled in the tranquil countryside, a Lightbox Sign is the ultimate solution to attract people to your establishment and entice them into your store.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to make your brand truly shine, consider investing in a Lightbox Sign from RD Signs. Give us a call today to witness the difference for yourself and let us help you illuminate your business success.

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Lightboxes types


  • one-sided
  • double sided console type
  • combined with block letters, etc.

The purpose of the light box

Since the purpose of the light box is to attract attention with the emitted light, the lighting modules should be selected with particular care. For lighting large areas, we usually use long-lasting fluorescent lamps or use modern LED technology, which saves electricity. We provide a 3-5 year warranty for light boxes.

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